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How to get rid of stretch marks naturally

May 2, 2011

How many times have you asked yourself, “How can I get rid of stretch mark  from pregnancy naturally?” Perhaps you’ve looked for some answers to this dilemma and yet you find so little information about it.

So, how to  get rid of stretch mark  naturally? Below are some tips you can make use of.

1 – Kitchen Remedies

Coffee beans that are ground can be gently rubbed into affected areas. Make sure you put a little bit of water and apply it in a circular manner and keep massaging the area for about one minute. You can then wipe it off with cloth that is damp and warm.

2 – Cocoa Butter

Another useful treatment would be the cocoa butter because of its ability to penetrate the superficial layer of the skin until into the dermis. The active components in the butter can actually start repairing the damage that is present.

3 – Regular Exercise

Toning your body through regular exercise will not only make you physically fit. It will also lessen the stretch marks. This is because when the skin is loose, this is when the stretch marks begin appearing.

4 – Natural Creams and Lotions

You can regularly moisturize your skin with the available natural products because they do not have harsh active components and ingredients that will cause irritation. One great thing about natural creams and lotions is that they are easy to apply and are not messy when compared to most of the natural remedies. You can choose products that are based on natural ingredients like aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract or squalene oil.More at How to get rid of stretch marks naturally

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