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How to get rid of stretch marks on thighs

May 6, 2011

They are the fine lines on the skin that can affect both women and men. Generally these marks found on pregnant woman, people who are overweight as well most body builder. These marks occur due to rapid changes in body weight. The skin is pulled off despite its flexibility, as a result produces marks caused by overstretching of the skin which may cause change within the production of collagen, which can be the primary ingredient of connective tissue within the skin. When the collagen in the skin is agitated, scars developed. More often than not women go through stretch marks in most areas such as breasts, hips, buttocks and thighs. Allow me to share some recommendations you should do to deal with stretch marks on thighs.

How to reduce Strectchmarks?

As stretch mark commonly get through on thigh, removing them need greatly patience and is just same difficulty with treating other kinds of skin disorder. The appearance of stretch marks can be the result of either physical or hormonal problems or a combination of both. Using excessive steroids in the body will also trigger the stretch marks on the skin. They usually appear as red or purple in the beginning and will develop into white as time goes by.

At this time, laser surgery is most appropriate used for getting rid of stretch marks on thighs however this can only be done by a qualified doctor. It's much recommended to visit your dermatologist regularly to ask for a professional advice, and consume much vitamins C and A rich food as well zinc as it can help your skin to be healthy. Increasing your water intake really help overcome those unwanted marks on the skin since water has the power that will hydrate your skin, make your skin flexible and prevent from developing further.

There are so many advertisements that bombard consumers in the TV and internet. They promise to combat these marks such as using creams, lotions and surgery. However, healthy lifestyle is still effective way that is still unbeatable than any other method.

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